Saturday, January 23, 2010

Democracy: To Each His Own

Democracy: To Each His Own is a 6 minute: 10 second short film.

Democracy is a United Entity with a variety of People who have different views on Democracy.

Written, Produced and Directed By: Jubith Namradath
Director of Photography: Prasanth Pranavam
Original Background Score: Saji
Associate Director: Arun T V
Production Controller: Bablu
Editor: Jayasankar
Illustrations & Graphics: Sanal Dev, Shajeer Basheer, Aravind Ramachandran
Art: Linil
Make-up: Ratheesh Punnad
Stills: Jijith Namradath
Production Manager: Nithin C K
Production Executive: Bhaskaran Vattoli

Sooraj Menon as 'The Youth'
Saji as 'The Majority Government'
Indira as 'The Minority'
Nithin C K as 'The Missionary'
Lathika as 'The Have-nots'
Shajahan as 'The Previous Generation of Youth'
Vipin Prakash as 'The Youth who is worried to Dream'
Snehamritha as 'The Majority who tires to Lure Others for a Living'.

And the Movie.