Saturday, January 23, 2010

Democracy: To Each His Own

Democracy: To Each His Own is a 6 minute: 10 second short film.

Democracy is a United Entity with a variety of People who have different views on Democracy.

Written, Produced and Directed By: Jubith Namradath
Director of Photography: Prasanth Pranavam
Original Background Score: Saji
Associate Director: Arun T V
Production Controller: Bablu
Editor: Jayasankar
Illustrations & Graphics: Sanal Dev, Shajeer Basheer, Aravind Ramachandran
Art: Linil
Make-up: Ratheesh Punnad
Stills: Jijith Namradath
Production Manager: Nithin C K
Production Executive: Bhaskaran Vattoli

Sooraj Menon as 'The Youth'
Saji as 'The Majority Government'
Indira as 'The Minority'
Nithin C K as 'The Missionary'
Lathika as 'The Have-nots'
Shajahan as 'The Previous Generation of Youth'
Vipin Prakash as 'The Youth who is worried to Dream'
Snehamritha as 'The Majority who tires to Lure Others for a Living'.

And the Movie.


  1. Cool.. nice work :) oru avakasha mukku ;)

  2. excellent !!!!

  3. Liked the idea of the metaphor (the bus) you used to pass on your perspectives. There are more to come from you Jubith. My best wishes.

  4. ha ha kalakki...

    brilliant concept...!!
    the bus stop names and climax just rocked..

    the narration could have been bettered.

    Hats off bro...

  5. pakshe oru dbt;

    bhooripaksha sarkar(conductor) minorityod , seat venel vilichu nokk ennu eppozhelum parayumo?? avare kondu poi seatil iruthiyitalle tichu conductor vannu irikoo??? :P

  6. hihihihi ithe kallakkii...expecially the last therri part......thanks to Maya for sharing it

  7. Thanks Joshua Newton, Shabeer, Maya Leela, Unnikrishnan, Jay Menon and Kishorelal Parakaatt. Thanks for taking time to jot down what you felt about the movie. :-)

    And Unni, The Majority Government was trying to be Brave and strong hearted in front of the Minority, which obviously falls apart when they revolt to get their rights intact. We call this "chumma show" :-)

  8. wow jubith... what a way to start a year.... Happy New Year... may many many laurels and recognition come your way.... a fellow kazhak

  9. ali...good concept... :)
    you should have stopped the title music (starting one) in a faded way...nalla continuity...getting better all the best aliya...waiting for 'chuvar chithrangal'...

  10. between...was that caption a fitting one?

  11. thambi aliya... kalakki ... gr8 work ..... i really liked the way u narrated it... proud of u man...

  12. Simple yet powerful.. I like the sarcasm at the end!!

  13. good one Jubith.

  14. Jubith-ey..oru rakshayumilla...Kidilam..!! wat more to say..Very good concept and a classic execution style. Loved those dialouges especially.....Keep rockin...!!

  15. nalla concept........

  16. Thanks everyone. :-)
    @ Velli, what caption are we talking about?

  17. Jubith .....

    A really nice one from you.


  18. gud wrk!!!:D..waitin 4 moref da kindd 4m ya sideee....:) wishes!God Bless!

  19. excellent work aliyaaaaaaaaaaa.....

  20. Wow... Kool one. Thanks a lot for this great work

  21. I did not like the way you portrait a Christian missionary. Be more sensible when you deal with religious issues. The movie sucks!!

  22. Superb Jubith!!!!!
    You dare to be different when it comes to picking up the subject for your movies.The narration style is really good..keep up the good work,,,Oscar will be in your hands soon :P

    P.S: I liked the name of the destinations the passengers are boarding to ("land of peace/rights").. Excellent portrait of writer's creativity :)

  23. Bold, creative and brilliantly executed.

    Good going.


  24. Jubith mone, nice one. Though the last 15 seconds of American(so called heaven) groping was overkill. Your audience would have got the point with a 5 second shot, more subtle more impact.

  25. a definite improvement in audio, script, delivery, direction and presentation from your last one. dialogues are pithy. but the last section could have been subtle (watch this - ). into guitar was xellent. do improve the editing.

    do work on man....
    ur u r getting there ...

  26. great work Jubith! Excellent! really the message was delivered well. Wishing you all the best :-)

  27. hi buddy kool one...ACHOOOOOOO SIDE.... HAHAHA

  28. actually dialogues have great depth and it takes two run to understand it... great one

  29. ..Oops...a sensational subject..and a clever presentaion ..all the best jibith ...!!

  30. Jubith, liked the idea. I feel that the narration could have been made a lot better, esp in a film like this where it plays a pivotal role in coveying to the viewers the thoughts of the director(or the protagonist?). Some pronunciations made me cringe(Booripaksham etc). Good luck !

  31. .............gud.....

  32. awesome dude ! hoping that there were will be a sequel ..

  33. Hey Jubith,

    Names u have chosen for the boarding point (land of peace, land of rights)is good

  34. Jubith,

    Good work and you have moved up the ladder from your previous work
    You will come up for sure! by the way send me an sms for your kerala number

  35. Eda velli, Arun Naire, nee enneda nair aayathu ???.....ninte comment kandu..eda thalleyoli....pulayadi mone....fade ina..athu entahrennu ninakkariyamoda..padathinte edaliyil entharu caption..english arinjoodenkil malayalathil ezhuthedey veruthey manushane naanam keduthathey. Getting betteraa ??? Ennu vecha ??? Neeyaareda music maassha ???? Panna raskol.

  36. good work Jubith ... all the best wishes ..

  37. Guys Hi,
    You are rocking!! ... Very nice concept.
    I wish i could have produced it.
    Very good effort.
    Critic comment
    Driver missing in the shots
    Casting for conductor and his costumes

  38. The Driver does not depict the Government in the Democratic Metaphor. But the Conductor Does.

    In Aristocratic Metaphor, The Driver and the Conductor are one and the same. :)

    Costumes for Conductor was a Mistake. I agree!

    Casting for Conductor was one of the best elements of the Movie. The Powerful & Overfed. :)

  39. I cant find stones to throw...damn...

  40. Hi Jubith

    I saw the movie, appreciate your efforts and happy to see that its gone outdoors this time. Your have brought the feeling of many who keep these things within their mind and never exhibit. People have built the tradition of ignoring it and learned to live with it.

    I liked it a lot, as it covers my interest against the democracy.........wonder what is your next context of the movie going to be....

    Bravo!!, you have a long way to go, my best wishes to you.


  41. Hey Jubith Congrats!! Liked the film. Must add that you seem to have improved since your first venture. Hoping to see more projects from you. Good luck!

  42. wElL dOnE jUbItH

    keep up spirits

  43. I think this is the best Short I have seen ...made by one of my county IFM's.

    A topic very close to my heart...and a great twist in the end...

    Super job Jubith...Keep it up mate ;)

    Santtosh Kumar Arya

  44. Hi Saji,
    This is a pleasant surprise. This is simply superb. All the very best for you and team in the future.
    Suggestions: Your costume stands out. Aa jeans ituvere kalanjille :) A white and white uniform or something like that would have been appropriate for Politics + conductor.
    The profanity at the end is original, but don't think it will be allowed for a public viewing. The actor's facial expression itself is enough:)

  45. Hey Villain Congrats!! Good Work..I liked it.

    More Improvements this time. The Voice of that conductor is not clear at some places . eg. When he asks that youth to take a seat at last.

    Nice concept neatly portrayed .All the Best.

  46. adipoli machu :-) This is a great message in a short sense :-)

  47. Good effort.But should have communicated with less voice overs. The feel that, today's youth s not able to believe in anything due to absurd nature of things around, was there. Great that the natural response was depicted at the end without concerning anything abt fake morality. In short film kind of mediums only we can express as bold like this. But, I got a feel that u were projecting ur view of minority and all through this even if u have lots of opinion representatives in the film. This work remains me of serbian film 'Koto tamo peva. You have good sense of the medium and way of story telling. Technically its ok for a newcomer . Room to improve like use of live sound. Best wishes for future projects.

  48. Why don't movies like this get the praise and recognition they deserve ??? Yeah critics may argue about the acting, the sound and the directing, but the way you've projected your thats brilliance...Is'nt movie making about reaching your audience ?? Or is it about flashy camera work and glitz ?? Well I for one " the Youth" think you have a gr8 future ahead! Kudoos

  49. very nice ................
    good work

  50. hey great jijith's batch mate...came across d video through facebook...the thought that you have put into action is simply superb...though i know i have not much knowledge to comment i would like to say something...being an avid movie buff i would like to say that the treatment could have been a lot better...and to be frank you gave a pessimist side of democracy...i think atleast in your next attempt do give a optimistic side of youth...the youth do react...but the problem is "we get used to things"...

    nowadays most of the NGO that fight for rights are led by may be in your next attempt try to portray something postive...

    but must say this movie was a veryt thought provoking one...

  51. very Kafkaesque i would say but the end was nothing like the treatment.